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Studimi i Inteligjencës Artificiale në Politeknik

Studimi i Inteligjencës Artificiale në Politeknik

Artificial intelligence is being taught in Albanian auditoriums.

The Polytechnic University is the first public educational institution to have opened this academic year for second-cycle students for this study program, where out of 60 applications, only 15 students with high results and the ability to understand the technology have been accepted.

“It is a market need, a necessity for technological development, and we saw it reasonable to open a scientific master’s program for artificial intelligence and optimization with a joint degree with the University of Compiegne in France,” stated Elinda Kajo, dean of the Faculty of Information Technology.

The selection of students was based on an average of over 8, a defended English language exam, and completion of Bachelor’s studies in the field of technology.

“We will have subjects such as machine learning, deep learning, complex systems, automation, and robotics. They are very important for deepening knowledge in artificial intelligence”, stated Kajo.

A double-recognized diploma throughout Europe is a great opportunity for Albanian students, who are conducting their first semester with local professors in English, and then will continue with French professors here at the Faculty of Information Technology. In the second year of the master’s program, the best students will have the opportunity to attend the academic year in France, participating in educational exchanges as part of internationalizing universities.

In the digital age, the job market has changed, and along with it, the interest of young people in their education, the requirements of which are being reflected in the new branches that Albanian universities are opening.

“It’s the first year, and we intend to continue not just with a scientific master’s program, but we are planning to open undergraduate studies for artificial intelligence in collaboration with European universities,” stated dean Elinda Kajo.

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