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UK’s 2024 Travel Hotspots Revealed

UK’s 2024 Travel Hotspots Revealed


Skyscanner has just released its insightful report for 2024 that forecasts the upcoming travel trends and identifies the top destinations for the year, both in terms of popularity and value.

The report is a blend of Skyscanner’s extensive data, which includes millions of searches for flights and hotels, combined with an in-depth annual study of consumer behavior. Additionally, it incorporates expert analysis to give a rounded view of the travel landscape for 2024.

In this revealing report, Skyscanner has listed the top 10 trending destinations, offering a glimpse into the places that are capturing travelers’ imaginations. Alongside this, the report also highlights the 10 destinations that promise the best value, making them ideal choices for budget-conscious travelers.

The top trending destinations for UK travellers: 

Ranking Destination % search increase
1 Vigo, Spain +1235%
2 Leipzig, Germany +545%
3 Rimini, Italy +362%
4 Bydgoszcz, Poland +313%
5 Sapporo, Japan +276%
6 Osaka, Japan +231%
7 Nantes, France +229%
8 Chiang Mai, Thailand +221%
9 Billund, Denmark +219%
10 Tokyo, Japan +208%


For UK travelers, getting value for their money remains crucial, with hotel costs (25%) and flight expenses (22%) being the primary determinants of their travel destinations. However, the importance of travel experiences continues to grow among consumers, as evidenced by over a quarter (27%) of UK travelers planning to allocate a larger budget for travel in 2024 compared to 2023.

Additionally, 41% intend to maintain their spending levels. Skyscanner’s data for 2024 indicates a shift in how consumers perceive value in travel, with decisions no longer driven solely by price.

2024’s Top Destinations for Maximum Value for Travelers

Ranking Destination % price drop
1 Faro, Portugal -24%
2 Algiers, Algeria -23%
3 Nice, France -19%
4 Dalaman, Türkiye -13%
5 Antalya, Türkiye -12%
6 Zurich, Switzerland -11%
7 Boston, US -10%
8 Los Angeles, US -10%
9 Frankfurt, Germany -9%
10 New York, US -9%


In 2024, 27% of UK travelers are placing significant importance on the overall ‘vibe’ of a destination when planning their holidays. This shift towards valuing experiences is driving several trends identified in Skyscanner’s 2024 travel insights:

Gig Tripping – A third of UK travelers are willing to take short-haul flights to catch their favorite artists live, especially if it’s cost-effective. For those keen on discovering emerging talents, Skyscanner, in collaboration with DICE, highlights cities hosting the most affordable gigs in 2024, with Leeds leading in the UK for gigs under £20.

Main Character Energy – Films and TV shows are the second biggest source of travel inspiration for UK travelers, second only to personal recommendations. Skyscanner notes a surge in travel interest aligned with popular TV series releases. For instance, the anticipated new season of ‘Emily in Paris’ is likely to spike interest in trips to the French capital.

Budget Bougie Foodies – Osaka, known as Japan’s ‘kitchen,’ tops Skyscanner’s list for budget-friendly culinary destinations in 2024. This aligns with a growing trend of travelers seeking exceptional dining experiences without breaking the bank.

Destination Zzzz – Prioritizing rest, UK travelers in 2024 are increasingly interested in destinations that offer quality sleep experiences. With a 65% global increase in Google Trends searches for sleep health over the past five years, Skyscanner provides tips from sleep experts and lists the top cities for a restful stay.

Additionally, Skyscanner identifies emerging traveler types for 2024:

Analogue Adventurers – With a desire to disconnect, Gen Z travelers are embracing old-school, analogue experiences, with 16% of UK 18-to-24-year-olds packing a Polaroid camera for their trips.

Celebration Vacationers – Half of UK travelers are opting for group trips to celebrate significant occasions. However, coordinating these trips can be challenging, with 32% deterred by group communication issues. Skyscanner has sought advice from WhatsApp to help turn group chat plans into reality.

Luxe-for-Less Seekers – Skyscanner’s research shows that 10% of UK travelers plan to upgrade to business or first class in 2024, with 14% looking to access airport lounges. Skyscanner offers insights into affordable luxury, sharing the best-value five-star accommodations worldwide.

Naomi Hahn, VP of Strategy at Skyscanner comments:

Skyscanner’s 2024 Travel Trends report reveals that, more than ever, cultural exploration will be a priority for travellers in 2024. We’re seeing a broad spectrum of cultural curiosity in travel, from gig trippers, jetting off to see their favourite artists, to budget bougie foodies seeking the very best food experience (at the very best price!).

The cost of living, though, remains top of mind and our money-saving tools continue to rise in popularity. Our ‘Everywhere’ search, showing prices from the lowest to highest from airports to global destinations, is the top search destination for travellers globally this year.

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